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Imma Bee Ch. 12

Three days later

After spending a day and a half of Ratchet’s bedside manner, Sentinel decided to spend the remainder of his visit aboard the Steel Haven. It was doubtful that he would venture out of his nice, safe, sanitized ship any more than he absolutely needed to while staying on the organic planet. Which, frankly, he didn’t, since he could just order the Earth Autobots to come to the ship for any progress reports he wanted. Of course that meant that there had to be at least some ‘professional’ bots on patrol duty. The twins were made to fly the parameter of the city so as to keep a look out for Decepticons and All Spark fragments, while Jazz was expected to patrol on the ground. As for their resident elite cyber ninja, he decided after two laps around the city, it was time to gather some intelligence of his own. Bumblebee’s dilemma and the events that led to it weighed heavily on the Jazz’s processor, and the recently acquired information they had been able to obtain from their enemies didn’t exactly inspire confidence for a cure. Until they could learn the exact mechanics behind Bee’s protoform mutation, the only thing he could really due was learn more about their enemy and the creatures they’ve turned into.

For the best part of two days the Elite Guard ninja had been in a private conference with his fellow cyber. He had given Prowl a detailed description of the green and black techno-organic that he saw back on the island. When he had confirmation that the creature was indeed the escaped convict Wasp transformed he immediately wanted to learn what organic he had been fused with, what its abilities were, and what it took to ground it. A request that proved to be far more detailistic than it first appeared when the Cybertronian learn of exactly how many different insect species there were on this planet.

It was a good thing that Prowl had a complete data file on the subject. His utter fascination with nature and all its numerous species practically demanded that he keep a study guide on each one. “No.” Flying insects, crawling insects, poisonous insects, insects that lit up like blinkers, insects that transforms as they reached maturity, oh the list went on and on. “No.” Slide after slide the elite guard viewed and so far there was no match of the creature he had encountered other than Black Arachnia. “Close, but no.” This latest image he was studying was far too long, and had two sets of wings.

“How about this one?” Prowl asked as he brought up another image that portrayed a bug that looked like its front and back halves were connected by a stick.

“Mmm, its back end was bigger and more streamline.” The next holographic image revealed a slightly larger winged insect with the exact stripe pattern he recognized from before. “There! There, that’s it!” Jazz would never forget the likes of that thing for as long as he functioned. “That’s what Wasp, ah, Waspinator turned into.”

Now that he had the image, the black and gold cyber ninja brought up the information he had on it. “Huh, ironic. It’s called a wasp.” He stated as he skimmed through the basic footnotes as he downloaded a copy of the files into a separate data packet. “Said to be rather fierce and aggressive insect especially when provoked. It’s very territorial and unlike bees, these creatures are carnivorous.” Now that he knew what else was flying about the city, they’ll have to make a point of giving Bumblebee some kind of protection.

“Car-whatta?” The white plated Autobot questioned as he tried to come up with the definition for the word.

“They feed on other living organisms.” The nature-loving robot rephrased as he brought up a simulation of the winged creature’s hunting habits. “Often swooping in on their victims to deliver a crippling blow before consuming them while they are still functioning.” He managed to find a video clip that depicted an aerial strike from the organic insect.

The slowed down video depicted a rather violent and gory sneak attack which ended rather poorly for the victim. “Yeesh…Thought Bee was the odd one out in that group.” The fact that the poor organic creature on the screen was being devoured alive by the more aggressive one was downright horrific.

Remembering the Jet Twins’ report from Bumblebee’s abduction, Prowl could only agree. “Let’s only hope that they do not suffer the same personality glitch as Bumblebee.” Now that they had a giant wasp on top of a giant spider, they are going to need some kind of alert their transformed scout could use to call them. “Otherwise we’ll have more trouble with them later.” Perhaps they could make some kind of collar Bee could wear with a panic button that emitted sonic waves.

“Speaking of trouble.” The Elite Guard Autobot quipped as he began to make his way towards the entrance to take his leave. “I better get back to the ship and check up on SP and the Twins.” Knowing those three there was a good chance that the younglings were driving Sentinel up the wall by now, or the Magnus could be having the twins due something outrageous and unreasonable.


Detroit Airspace

Jetstorm could easily feel his slightly younger brother’s boredom as they flew the city’s parameter for the fifth time that day. Considering what had happened a few nights before, chances were that the Decepticons may have been laying low. Least with their awful laboratory blown up they wouldn’t be able to torture anymore bots with their horrible experiments. Now all they had to do was find a way to change their little yellow friend back to normal. If only secrecy wasn’t such a high priority… Surely it would be easier if Sentinel Magnus/Prime knew about the whole ordeal, but the Junior Guards knew all too well that their superior was highly repulsed by anything organic. He may even want to lock Bumblebee away, and he didn’t even commit any crime to deserve that. So for now they would just have to keep the secret until either a cure is found or the not so minibot could gain some kind of sanctuary.

Until then they will simply have to go on these long patrols and at least make sure that no more trouble came up. Still, it’s been at least two decent mega cycles and they haven’t had any form of action to occupy their time. Since Sentinel doesn’t really check up on their progress, that pretty much left them to their own devices, which consisted of trying to outdo each other at areal stunts on occasion. Now Jetfire wouldn’t normally mind wandering aimlessly through the sky, however with things being so quiet and peaceful right now, he couldn’t really help but wonder about their mutated friend. Naturally, the Jet brothers were going to obey their orders and continue their patrol, but nothing said they couldn’t stop by the Earth Autobot base afterwards.

With this in mind, the more brightly colored of the two cyber planes decided to break the silence. “Brother?”

“Yes, Brother?” The wind brother replied naturally.

There was a short pause for thought before speaking again. “We be patrolling for much time now.” The orange and white cyber plane stated simply enough as he thought about how long it would take them to get to the Autobot base from their current location. “There is no troubling like lunar cycle of last.” If anything if there were to be any kind of commotion that day it would have risen up by now. Yet today even the organics were rather stagnant with their activities. “We is maybe visiting Yellow Bumble and Organic Sari, yes?” He asked his slightly elder brother hopefully.

“Hmm… It is being duty of Elite Guard to be in visiting with local Autobot bases and progress checking.” The blue and yellow cyber train commented thoughtfully as a mischievous grin soon spread over his faceplate.

“And it is being much goody service of civil for to visiting hurting comrades after Decepticon attacking.” Jetfire added with an equally wide grin. A shared wave of enthusiasms passed through both their sparks.

“That too. Let us be going.” With twin barrel rolls the two Junior Guards altered their course for the base of their comrades.


Autobot Base: Ratchet’s Med-bay

It took a lot of grunting, straining and threatening, but Ratchet finally got Bumblebee into his repair bay to have a proper checkup. Although, the techno-bee wasn’t so much resisting as he was trying to figure out a way to sit down on the now smaller examination table. His much larger body was now simply too awkwardly shaped to feel comfortable sitting up straight, especially with his thorax hanging over the hard edge. He had tried to transform into his organic mode and simply perch on top of the table, but Ratchet wouldn’t allow it since it only further made scanning more difficult. Plus even as a bee, the ex-minibot wouldn’t sit still!

“Will you quit fidgeting already?!” The mechanical Great War Veteran shouted at his unique patient as he tried attaching a few wires under the fuzzy yellow fur. “Hard enough to get a decent reading on your spark without you constantly shifting.” Since the aged medic wasn’t dealing with solid metal plating anymore the magnets at the end of the medical wires wouldn’t stick very well. “And stop that buzzing!” He added once he managed to get the wires just under the insect head that acted of the scout’s chest plate in his bi-ped mode. “Can’t hear myself scan.”

Sari, acting as moral support for her fellow techno organic, had been watching nearby from the top of the monitor. “It’s too cold in here for him.” Now that her best friend had a real sense of touch, the metal surface of the examination table had to have felt terribly uncomfortable to him. “Don’t you have, like, an electric blanket he could lay on?” Until this cold front Detroit was having moved on, they had to come up with a way for Bumblebee to stay warm outside of his hive. Even with the main doors closed it felt like an ice box inside.

The strange suggestion made both Autobots pause. “…An electric blanket?” Ratchet repeated as if making sure he had heard the teenage girl right. “How does that even work?” Bumblebee actually blinked at her as he tried to picture what a blanket made of electricity would look like. It really didn’t seem possible since energy needed some kind of container to hold it. “Sounds like the perfect way to completely fry your circuits.” The medic muttered as he went back to trying to attach the wires yet again.

“Bzz-hmm.” The bug-former nodded in his agreement to the statement. He’s had enough of getting his circuit boards overly energized for one life stream, thank you very much.

Sari couldn’t help by smack her forehead at the two collective naiveté. “What I mean is, put a tarp or blanket on the berth and let him sit on it so the cold metal won’t bother him so much.” Seriously she really needed to introduce her giant metal friends to more of Earth’s popular merchandise.

“This ain’t a luxury lounging, but I suppose until we can figure out a cure we’ll have to accommodate ya a little.” The aged Autobot stated he thought about what he had at his disposal to solve this little dilemma before making his way to his supply cabinet. “There.” Finding a large cloth tarp he had been saving to make polishing towels with, he then spread the tarp on the berth and allowed Bumblebee to hop back on top. “Better?” The fuzzy scout hummed and nodded as he settled down on the huge piece of cloth. “Good, now hold still.”

With something to sit on, the bugformer wasn’t bothered by the cold metal as much and made it much more comfortable for him to perch on his hands and hunches. He wasn’t sure why, but he tended to gradually become stiff and slow down for some reason, like he was locking up. It wasn’t as bad as what had happened when he had tried to run away, but it bothered him all the same. Sari assisted with attaching some wires into the furry areas while Ratchet got the scanner tuned into the frequency he needed to get readings off the techno-organic. Doing so allowed him to finally hear the steady flux-ua-tions of the mutated minibot’s spark and get clear readings on other functions that before were hidden by his organic half. So far, to the veteran’s relief, the readings were as strong as they were before the forced mutation.

“Hey bots.” Jazz greeted casually from the safety of the entranceway. After learning the hard way of the veteran’s temperament, this was as close as he was willing to get while the medic’s was working. “How are things going here?”

Sari had been the first one to greet the Elite Guard. “Hey Jazz!” The other two either buzzed and waved or grunted and repositioned his patient back to where he needed him since he moved. “Bumblebee’s finally getting a checkup. Now we can make sure he’s healthy.” With all the information they got from the data cube the young techno-organic was positive they will find a way to help Bee now.

“Good to hear.” The white plated cyber ninja quipped with an easy grin and a nod. It may not be the first step towards a cure, but it will at least put a few processors at ease. “I was just on my way to the Steelhaven to check in.” Now all he had to do was figure out a way they could get the equipment they were mostly likely going to need.

“Better than Sentinel coming down here.” Ratchet grunted under his vocalizer as he analyzed and recorded the readings he was getting from the scan. “Got enough to worry about without that glitch stomping about.” This new form of script coding was difficult enough to understand, even with the means to read it. He really didn’t need the extra background noise that came with the unwanted visitor.

“Yeah, especially when Bumblebee needs to come up from his hive.” Sari stated as she watched how the Autobot medic carefully scanned around the delicate transparent wings. It still boggles the mind how those paper thin appendages could be strong enough to lift that large heavy body off the ground.

“Well no worries there.” Jazz commented as he began to turn around and take his leave. Seeing that the scout was at last getting some treatment for his ‘condition’ lifted some of the burden he had placed on his own shoulders. “SP won’t come out any more than he has to.” Sooner or later he was going to have to report what he learned to the Elite Guard head honchos, but before he even thought about it he was going to take every precaution possible to make sure Bee stayed safe.

“Helllllloooo!!” A heavily accent young voice suddenly called out from the entrance of the base.

This was soon instantly followed by a similar accented voice. “Anybot being homed?!” Naturally the twin sounding voices were easily recognized.

“In here you two.” Jazz called over from the med-bay and within a few moments, the two brothers scurried over to the location of their SIC. They never had to enter the work area of the resident medic, but the base was relatively small enough that Jetstorm remembered where the room was located. “What brings you bots here?”

“We be head over flying and thought we to be landing for visiting.” The wind wielding brother explained with a grin as he and his slightly younger sibling entered the med-bay.

 “Hello Yellow Bumble!” Jetfire waved in greeting to his transformed friend.

The friendly jester was received and repeated by the Bugformer. “Bzzzeeeelllooo.” Bumblebee managed while sitting back on his hunches.

“Hey that was much better than last time Bee.” Sari praised as she patted the nearest leg. A little more practice and hopefully her best friend will be able to talk with more clarity. Suddenly and without warning, one of Bee’s legs slipped from its position. “Watch out!”

In a frenzy of scrambling limbs and panicked buzzing, the large bee-bot lost his balance and tumbled over the side of the medical table. Effectively wedging the poor techno-organic in the narrow space between the computer equipment and the berth. Landing on his back, he could barely move as he tried to roll onto his stomach again. His legs, arms, and thorax bumping and banging against the study walls that made up the narrow passage. His buzz of frustrations very definite throughout the attempt.

“Oh for spark’s sake, will you sit still?!” The aged Veteran shouted as he rushed forward to make sure that nothing vital had suffered any kind of damage.

“It’s not his fault Ratchet.” The tiny techno-organic teenager defended as Bee struggled to get back on his feet from his awkward position on the floor between the berth and the computer consul. “The table’s too small and narrow for him to sit on straight.”

Ratchet could only growl with some frustration as he managed to help pull the scout back up. “Well it’s not like I can extend it.” This new form of the scout was proving to be just too ticklish to get a proper maintenances check in. “Hrrr, we’ll have to try laying him down again.” It wasn’t just that the scout was much larger than he used to, but those extra body parts were simply too awkward to accommodate without the right modifications.

“But it’s too uncomfortable for him.” The red head complained on the techno-bee’s behalf as tried to lie on the small table without falling over. His arms and legs dangled over the edges and his thorax kept getting in the way.

The twin brothers watched the scene unfold before them for a short time, while they quickly formulated a plan. From what they observed, the large stripped appendage on the former minibot’s lower back was rubbing against the sharp edge of the medical berth right at the connection junction. Assuming that the spot acted like a joint, not to mention have the near full weight of the rest of the body coming down on it, it could be that the edge may have felt like it was trying to wedge in and break the appendage off. Same could be side of the arms and legs seeing as they too were made to rub against the edges of the berth. Maybe if those body parts were suspended in the air somehow, it could relieve the pressure. However looking around the med-room the two could not identify anything that looked remotely like a pulley system, nor could they see a means of rigging one together. They brainstormed for a few clicks before agreeing that what this situation called for was some good old fashion grunt work.

 “Maybe we can be with the helping.” The jet brothers quipped at the same time, easily gaining the attention of everyone else in the room.

The Great War Veteran turned and blinked at the two younglings curiously. “How?” Before explaining their idea, the two siblings began to move into position. The brightly colored plane went right up to the large, fuzzy, techno-organic while the darker colored plane went around until he was right on the other side of the scanning berth.

Jetfire carefully took hold of Bumblebee’s furry shoulders and began to carefully push down so as to prompt the ex-minibot into lying down as the aged medic wanted. “Yellow Bumble could be the down laying, like this.”

As his brother did this, Jetstorm took note of where the lower extremities were hanging over the foot of the berth and mentally instructed his twin to get around to the other side of the medical table. “Brother and me is the positioning like this.”

Once the two were in their formation, both squatted, slid their servos under the insectoid legs and part of the thorax and carefully lifted with their leg joints until the whole body was leveled and supported. “And us both holding longer peds of Yellow Bumble!”

Sari caught onto the notion right away. “That’s perfect!” She hovered up and made a miniature aerial sweep to make sure her friend was stabilized and leveled out just right. “And Bumblebee could just fold his hand over his middle to keep them from hanging over the edge too much.” Following her instructions, the Bugformer was soon laying comfortably enough to relax on the table.

Ratchet scrutinized over the position of his patient and found it both workable and stable. “Now that could work.” Enough of the scanning berth was covered to get an even enough reading on the more vital components of the bee-bot’s structure. “I could also use some extra help with some of the other tests if you can spare some time.” With two extra pair of capable servos, they just might be able to finish all of the necessary exams.

The idea had been met with excited grins. “May we, Mr. Jazz, sir?” The two younglings asked in stereo, hoping their superior would allow the assisting. Neither had ever helped in a medical procedure before and figured the new experience ought to be fun.

“Heh-heh, I don’t see why not.” It sounded like a good way to keep the two out of trouble and give them a break from Sentinel for a little while. Speaking of which, he had to get back and check it, himself before his boss got too suspicious of his whereabouts. “Just keep an audio out incase trouble shows up.”

In a perfectly synchronized mirror move, the twins managed to salute their superior while still holding up the fuzzy legs and thorax. “Yes sir!” With a departing backwards wave the Elite Guard made his way toward the front entrance, transformed and rolled out for the Steel Haven.

“Okay now, if you two can support his legs and… whatever that thing is, for at least 20 clicks, I can get him to lay down flat on his back enough to get a proper scan.” The Great War Veteran instructed as he prepared his sensitive equipment for a full spectrum scan.

“Supporting!” The flying twins chimed as they held steady and straight for the medic. Although there was a decent amount of weight, oddly enough the appendage felt remarkably lighter than they had expected.


Steel Haven

Back in the secure and sterilized Steel Haven, it was all Sentinel could do to keep from driving up the wall. He had fallen asleep while keeping watch over the ship’s monitors. Ever since that stressed endues memory file purge the temp Magnus decided to take things easy on his ship and not deal with the organics of this annoying planet. As much as he hated to admit it, he had been over working himself lately with the on goings of running his home planet. Increasing security measures after Ultra Magnus’ near fetal attack. Authorizing a city wide curfew and identification checks in order to weed out any more possible disguised Decepticons. Approving media context to keep the people aware and alert and, of course, reminding every citizen of the dangers of organics. He must have gone through and approved hundreds of such messages in the last several solar cycles alone. Honestly it was no wonder his overworked processor conjured up such an overwhelming memory glitch.

Of course he couldn’t just up and drop all of his responsibilities. No, just because he had to take it easy, doesn’t mean he would allow everyone else under his command to slack off. He had sent the Twins out every day on patrol with orders to report any suspicious activities that may be Decepticon related. He sent Jazz along as ground support so that they could have back up and so that he didn’t have to hear those strange sound patterns the bot insisted on listening too every time they come to this planet. Leaving him well enough alone in peace and quiet and allowing him to ponder more important matters. Like deciding which media bot would interview him after his valiant return from this dangerous, organic planet and its vast unknown horrors.

He had been at it for the good part of three Mega cycles when he decided to check on his soldiers’ progress. “Safeguard team status report.” However, the new Magnus of Cybertron didn’t receive any immediate answer from his junior elite guards. “Safeguard team, status report.” The cobalt blue bot repeated himself, listening intensely for a response from the split-spark twins.

As young and unrefined as the two were, they had great potential as Elite Guards. They were skilled, eager to please, readily followed orders, and never questioned the chain of command. Yet in spite of all of this the two were naive and needed to be properly molded into competent, dependable guards. All the reason the blue Prime chose to servo picked them to serve under him. Naturally the younglings had recognized such a great opportunity and considered it a great honor and privilege to be part of his personal squad and have serve faithfully since. He talked, they listened, end of transmission. The two were always quick to answer a hail, why weren’t they?

The sudden sound of the Steelhaven’s loading dock being opened alerted the distracted Autobot to the approach of his second in command. “Yo Sent!” Jazz called over as he switched over to his robot mode and walked over as the door closed behind him. “All’s clear from here to the city limits.” He reported as he walked up to his superior at the computer consol. “No D-con sightings. No Allspark fragments.” He could already just by looking at the acting Magnus that the bot was steadily growing frustrated the more he typed at the monitor controls.

“Good work, Jazz.” Sentinel clipped without addressing the Cyberninja as he set out yet another hail on the communication frequency. “Now if only certain other bots were as efficient.” He grumbling under his breath just as his call went unanswered. Frustrated to a whole new level, the Magnus slammed his fist onto the controls. “Where on the seven moons of Cybertron are those two?!” So help him if it turns out those two were goofing off again, he’ll have them servo scrubbing the entire Steelhaven, inside and out, with the smallest wire brushes in existence.

“They’re probably just out of range.” Jazz suggested in his most calming and laid-back tone of voice. If he was going to divert any unnecessary suspicion away from the Earth Autobot and save the Jet Twins a very loud lecture, he was going to have play it cool and casual. “With all the organic matter around, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s interfering with the signal.” Chances were that they were right in the middle of some kind of crazy medical procedure and the signal was either being knocked out or quite possibly ignored because of a more delicate procedure.

“Maybe…” The high ranking bot grumbled under his intake. Yet another reason to dislike this blasted planet. Poor reception. Yet even as he accepted the possibility, he couldn’t help by feel a sense of unease deep within his programing. Something in the back of his memory banks was… buzzing for his acknowledgement but he just couldn’t seem to access it. “Hmm… I better go and drag their bumpers back here anyway.” There are simply too many organic variables on this planet to consider and he wasn’t about to risk losing track of his troops. “Maybe I’ll stop by the base and give ol’ Optimus a surprise inspection, while I’m at it.”

Hearing this, the Cyber ninja knew he had to deter his commanding officer immediately. “Wouldn’t recommend it.” The Autobots back at the base needed all the time they could get with Bumblebee’s medical read outs and a random base assessment would only throw a wrench into the works. Luckily Jazz knew the bot’s Achilles’s heel. “According to the weather report on this planet, it’s supposed to rain soon.” The results were instant.

“Again?!” The elected robotic official exclaimed in pure exasperation and frustrations over the news. “What’s with this planet and water?!” It was a very long walk from where they landed the ship and, though he would never admit it, he still couldn’t figure out how to drive in the rain without skidding.

While the temporary Magnus fumed over the inconvenience, Jazz knew there was still the possibility that he could risk the journey all the same. He needed a way to insure that his superior wouldn’t visit the Earth Autobot base for several Megacycles at least. Whatever the case he had to think of something quick since Sentinel was beginning to reconsider the trip. It was then the Cyberninja remembered his emergency energon ration in his subspace compartment. Turning his back to the blue grounder, he took the cube from his compartment as well as a small vile of blue liquid. The chemical was of a special compound that subtly changed the composition of energon; turning it from an energizing fuel source to a relaxant agent that allows soldiers that suffer from malfunctioning sleep mode programs. Bots that have been trained as Cyberninjas tend to carry at least three vile(s) out in the field so that they could drug the energon supply of the enemy faction in order to steal vital information without being seen or caught. Adding about a third of the contents to the single cube, Jazz replace the drug back in his hold and turned to face the acting Magnus just as he turned to for the ship’s ramp.

“Hey, SP you’ve been fritzing way too much since we got here.” The Cyber-ninja stated as he casually walked up to his boss and wrapped a servo around his shoulders in order to steer him away from the ramp and towards the hallway that lead to the private quarters;  handing him the treated energon cube in the process. “Why don’t I take over here and you chill with a cube in your cabin?” The suggestion came easily and the SIC knew his superior all too well. He will snap at the bait. “You can catch up on some of those files you wanted to go over while I watch the monitors and keep an audio out for the twins.”

Being given a chance to escape his self-imposed monitor duty, the Temp Magnus grabbed it with both servos. “That’s the most reasonable thing I’ve heard all solar cycle.” Those files would occupy his time well enough without needing to leave his nice sanitized ship. “Wait. What about the reports?” The cobalt colored robot suddenly asked, remembering his previous chore. Maybe he could pass it on to his second since the Cyberninja was being so generous.

“I’ll take care of it.” The Cyber declared without fail as he plucked the data pads right from Sentinel’s servos in his usual witty matter. “You go on.” Before he could even be officially dismissed, the SIC walked straight over to the transmission consul and began to input the documented findings.

Seeing that he didn’t even need to say more, Sentinel about-faced and headed for his cabin with his cube. That was one thing he liked about Jazz. The bot knew how predict his thoughts and gets right to work before even needing an order despite the situation. These data-pads were going to keep him busy for a while, so he might as well start. Not to mention a nice long stasis nap afterwards ought to do wonders for his mood, but Jazz didn’t need to know that.


Autobot Base: Med-bay

It had taken some time and several readjustments to the machine’s algorithm, but the Great War Veteran of the Autobots had finally managed to isolate the frequency he needed. Since Bumblebee was far too big for the normal medic scan, they were going to have to do a two partner on the scan. The upper half would be mapped out by the table, and the lower half would have to be manually scanned with a device that acts almost similarly to an ultrasound. Soon enough, both sets of scanners hummed to life and Ratchet began to hover the servo-held one over the protruding appendage. Slowly but surely, the complex inner structure of the scout’s new form began to appear on the wide screen. The new interior was similar to a standard Cybertronian frame structure due to the metallic components and presence of a transformation cog. However, there were keen differences such the presence of biological components such as some forms of organs, a digestive track, and the techno infused muscles. All of this was currently occupying the bipedal half of the Bugformer’s new body. The other half, the thorax, was another thing.

“Strange.” Ratchet mumbled to himself as he studied the scan carefully to better determine if what he was seeing was actually possible. “The new appendage seems to be almost hollow.” It would certainly explain how the jets were able to suspend the large thorax in the air without too much difficulty.

“What do you mean, Ratchet?” Sari asked as she hovered over to stand on his shoulder and gain a better view of the monitor.

“See here’s where the new appendage starts.” The medic brought up a holographic projection so that everybot could see what he was talking about. “Notice how whatever plating and techno-organic circuitry are involved are lining up the wall, yet leave the center utterly vacant.” Apart from two wall-like structures dividing the space into three near equal compartments, there really wasn’t anything solid there at all. “It reminds me of a subspace camber.”

“Maybe it is being new compartment of storage-ing?” Jetstrom suggested helpfully as he thought about a possible use for such an addition. “Brother and me is always to be getting bigger one when we is the transforming to vehicle mode.”

Sari stared at the image as she tried to recall what she read in her bee books. “I think that’s Bumblebee’s version of a honey chamber.” Although normally the thorax is where you’d find the vital organs of an insect chances were it wasn’t the same for a techno-organic bee. “Organic bees have, like, an extra stomach or something that they use to store all the nectar they collect to make honey.” Since the Autobots didn’t really have anything more vital than their sparks, it would make sense that the thorax would be converted into something more practical.

“Hmm… If that’s the case than the three chambers must help to distribute the weight to make it easier to carry and allow him to transport at full capacity.” Although how exactly would that balance out in bi-ped mode the medic couldn’t quite figure out. He might have to put that to the test if nothing more than to see how strenuous that might be.

“I am thinking there to be four cambers of storaging.” Jetfire stated out loud.

“What for you say that, Brother?” The blue and yellow plane asked, not seeing a fourth compartment at all.

“You is seeing spot of darkness at end point?” The slightly younger plane motioned towards the very tip of the thorax where the portion was darkened as if solid. “It is looking to be full to me.”

Once the blue jet saw what his twin was talking about he couldn’t help but agree with him. “Oh I is seeing now.”

Soon enough, Ratchet zoomed in on the odd spectacle to get a better look at it. “Must act like some form of emergency stockpile.” He mumbled to himself as he tried to figure out how such a reserve could even be used. “Better get a closer scan to see.” He’ll have to at least determine if the mass was solid or not.

“I don’t think that’s a honey chamber…” Sari stated as she continued to stare at the dark section. Something about its position was very familiar but she couldn’t quite place it.

“What is it then?” The Autobot medic asked while conducting and even more detailed analysis of the discovery.

“I don’t know.” Surely if it was a filled hollow cavity there would have been some kind of evidence of thick fluid or something. Not a solid mass. “Let me get my books.” With that the tiny techno-organic flew off toward the recreational area of the base to retrieve her backpack. One of the library books he borrowed had to have the answer they needed.

Wanting to see what everybot else was looking at and wanting an idea as to how much his body had chanced, Bumblebee decided to see for himself. Having been checked and examine plenty of times after a fight or the occasional stunt gone wrong, the scout had a pretty good idea what his inner workings were supposed to look like. Yet the action of him sitting up from his position caused pressure to be placed on his abdomen. Reacting to the pressure, something began to silently and smoothly slit out of the very tip of the thorax and into view.

“Looking there brother.” Jetfire nudged his elder brother’s shoulder in order to point out the strange object that had slide out of the body part they were holding.

From the visual alone, it seemed to be some kind of spike or horn. It was rather thick at the base but then narrowed out into a very find and sharp point. It even seemed to curve a little, almost like a talon, towards the body of the bee bot. The dark coloring gave it a look of polished onyx, and the sheen it gave off practically highlighted the point.

“What it being?” Jetstorm asked with a raised brow as he freed a servo in order to reach over and poke at it.

“Don’t touch that!” Sari shouted from the med-bay entrance before activating her jetpack in order to hover over to them with her book in tow. “That’s a stinger.” The red-headed teenager informed the three large and curious transformers. The book she held had a well depicted diagram of a bee’s internal structure. “All organic bees have them. It’s their main weapon against predators.”

Ratchet scanned the primitive text before scanning the solid point at the end of the thorax. “Hmm, sharp.” This thing was certainly without a doubt what had caused the damage to Sentinel’s armor plating. “Doesn’t seem like it could do much damage though.” It was certainly sharp and strong enough to pierce the armor, but didn’t really seem capable to doing the internal damage that he had to repair earlier.

“Maybe not alone, but that’s what the venom is for.” The child of Sumdac stated as she quickly flipped through her book for the information.

“Venom?” Upon closer examination with a more sensitive scanning device, the Autobot medic soon found the protruding organic weapon to be hollow. Like a syringe!

“Organic bees have venom in their stingers.” Finally finding the page she was looking for, Sari held it out to the Great War Veteran so that he could see the poison sack, where it was positioned in the body, and how it’s used with the stinger. “See? That dark spot is where Bumblebee’s holds his cyber venom. That’s why it’s on the very tip.” From the diagram, the ‘sack’ normally took up a large portion of an Earth bee’s thorax, yet it was clear that do to Bumblebee’s size, the structure had to change to accommodate multiple things. “They inject it every time they sting something.” 

The implications were becoming immensely clear. “So that’s where he got it.” Ratchet found himself muttering as he thought back to when Prowl gave him that sample of cyber venom to help with Sentinel’s injuries. Still to be sure, the medic would have to collect a sample of his own and do a comparison. The question is: How can he get one?



Being both the Second in Command of the Elite Guard, and a first class Cyberninja made overriding a simple door fairly easy. Even a high ranking official’s door. Within Sentinel’s private cabin, the acting Magnus was spread out on his berth, data pads scattered around, and sound in stasis. The dosage may have been small, but it will keep his superior out of commission for at least two to three mega cycles or so. Plenty of time for the Earth Autobots to finish examining their transformed scout, for the Twins to finish the rest of their patrol and get back, and for him to search for some Intel. The data pads didn’t hold any real useful information about what happened after Wasp was snatched by, what did Optimus called them again? The Dinobots, right, so the ninjabot was going to have to get into Sentinel’s personal copies.

As it turns out the Decepticon Science Officer did had a servo in Wasp’s disappearance and this Waspinator’s appearance. The explosion that had happened on the island not only caused its current crescent shape, but assumingly allow for both suspects to escape if they haven’t been obliterated. Yet without any real evidence to confirm or deny either theory, Sentinel saw no point to even investigate further. Why exactly all this extra info was strike from the official record, he didn’t know, but he was sure it had something to do with whatever Optimus was so reluctant to talk about. However there was still next to nothing on the Decepticon femme herself. Seems he was going to have to have to incorporate a real expertise on such information. Good thing he had some reports to turn into Cybertron command.

After making his way to the communication consul, and checking around one more time to make sure he was alone, Jazz opened a channel. It took a moment to make the connection due to the distance, but soon enough the image of a red armored minibot. “Yo Cliff!” Jazz greeted the newest member of the Autobot council with his signature smile. The bot may not have been with the big helms “How are things?” The little bot looked as serious and stern as ever. Must have had pretty good solar cycle back home.

“Quiet.” The red minibot stated rather warily. “Which normally means trouble’s brewing somewhere.” After the last disastrous breach of security the new Head of Intelligence wasn’t about to trust any long periods on inactivity. “Other than that Cybertron has been pretty peaceful.” Still, if it kept the public from panicking, then he ought to at least restrain his suspicions unless prompted otherwise.

“Good to hear.” The white plated ninja nodded at the piece of good news before showing the data pads that held all the ‘official’ current information on the front lines of the Autobot/Decepticon war. “I got the stats on the fragment count for the Allspark and the latest report on the Decepticons here.”

“Understood. Securing the line now.” Not needing any more prompting than that, the red mini guard activated the scrambling program that will shield the transmission from any unwanted attention. “Encryption procedure activated. Ready to receive report.”

“Right. Uploading now.” Jazz soon initiated the command, and watched and waited until the upload began. Knowing that this communication would also be scrambled and encrypted so long as the connection was made, the elite guard decided that now was as good a time as any to set his plan into motion. “Oh before I forget, since I have ya on the line and all, I need two favors from ya, Cliff.”

The neo Head of Intel made sure the data was coming in clear and encrypted before running it through the now activated decrypting program on his end. “Sure, what do ya need?” Jazz has always been a good trusted agent and friend, whatever he needed Cliffjumper was sure it had to be important.

“One, I need some data on a Decepticon by the designation Black Arachnia, if any.” By all accounts that particular request was a long shot, but if there was even the slightest bit of Intel on the Decepticon Science Officer, Jazz wanted to know. “Two, I need you to schedule me an appointment to meet with the Autobot council.”

The red minibot smirked knowingly as he began looking over the schedule for the council’s earliest opening. “Sentinel wanting to pass another law?” Ever since that ambitious bot got away with ordering Marshal Law he seemed to have gotten into his cranial that he can just pass any law he wanted. The red guard almost couldn’t wait to hear what this latest one will be about.

“Naw mech. This is serious.” The sudden humorless response surprised the new Head of Intel and had him looking back at the Cyberninja. Jazz was usually a very light-sparked machine; this sudden double edge quip wasn’t like him at all. “Sent can’t know about this. Least not until I can gather more Intel.”

There was only one reason for the white plated SIC would use that tone. He was investigating a case, and a delicate one at that. “Another spy?” The fact that he was asking for such discretion, even from his own boss, could only mean that the investigation may lead into an internal affair within the Guard.

“Worse.” The high ranking elite guard stated definitely as he brought out his data cube to study. He’s been keeping the original information very close by since the copies were made and wasn’t about to let it out of his sight for anything. “I can’t go into details yet; I don’t have enough evidence to confirm or deny my suspicions, but believe me when I tell you the Council is going to want to know.”

And without solid absolute proof, Sentinel would most likely wave it off and pay it no mind. A mistake Ultra Magnus had made and paid for it dearly. “Understood.” Whatever was on that data cube, Cliffjumper was going to make sure he got a chance to look at it.

Imma Bee Ch. 12
Sorry for the delay in posting. Computer problems. But here's the new chapter!

Ch. 11:…
Ch. 13: (Coming Soon)

I got this warning on my comment from PrincessLaurelin and felt it should be shared:



TELL EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST BECAUSE IF SOMEBODY ON YOUR LIST ADDS HIM THEN YOU WILL GET HIM ON YOUR LIST. HE WILL FIGURE OUT YOUR ID COMPUTER ADDRESS, SO COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE EVEN IF YOU DON'T CARE FOR THEM AND FAST BECAUSE IF HE HACKS THEIR EMAIL HE HACKS YOUR MAIL TOO (I think what it means by that is that he could assume the identity of your friends, and FOOL you into opening the letter since you think it's your friend that's sending it )!!...


Anyone using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived this morning, Direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet. You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail titled 'MailServer Report'

If you open either file, a message will appear on If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.'

Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC,

And the person who sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password.


This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the anti virus software's are not capable of destroying it .

The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner'..

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